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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Below is a compilation of short films that have been made available on youtube or vimeo that I have found worth sharing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Measure twice

"Measure twice and cut once" goes the old, overused saying. This comes from carpentry where if you cut too little or too much, you may have to start again. Basically it narrows down to "be thorough and plan before you act."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christopher Doyle

As far as filmmakers go, cinematographers -or directors of photography- are not among the most recognized. The work of a cinematographer often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Some would argue that this is the way it should be since, the photography should not get in the way of the story. Even so, a vast amount of movies go by each year with no redeemable qualities
regarding their imagery.

Christopher Doyle, is a cinematographer unlike any other in many respects. His style is deeply engraved in every frame of his footage. Regardless of this, he has said that if there is just one image that the audience can take away, then the cinematography is a success. Though eccentric, his style is one that speaks to what cinematography really is.

My blog

Thanks for coming by, this is my blog where I will discuss the things that inspire me in my work as a cinematographer. This is not a technical blog and as such, I do not plan on discussing camera or fixture specs. There are plenty of good resources out there if you are seeking that.

I may every so often discuss new ways of using our cameras and equipment but what I am most interested in is applying these techniques in well formulated and creative ways.

I hope that this may become a resource for serious directors and cinematographers to find inspiration, knowledge and ideas.

All of these posts are my opinions based on my observations and experiences. I hope that they may be of use if they resonate with you, I especially hope that you may give me feedback via your comments on the blog if you disagree. That way we can all benefit from the differences in opinions.

Art Documentaries

A compiled list of art-related documentaries that have taught me, entertained me and inspired me: