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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My blog

12:05 PM By Franz ,

Thanks for coming by, this is my blog where I will discuss the things that inspire me in my work as a cinematographer. This is not a technical blog and as such, I do not plan on discussing camera or fixture specs. There are plenty of good resources out there if you are seeking that.

I may every so often discuss new ways of using our cameras and equipment but what I am most interested in is applying these techniques in well formulated and creative ways.

I hope that this may become a resource for serious directors and cinematographers to find inspiration, knowledge and ideas.

All of these posts are my opinions based on my observations and experiences. I hope that they may be of use if they resonate with you, I especially hope that you may give me feedback via your comments on the blog if you disagree. That way we can all benefit from the differences in opinions.