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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rokinon 85 and 35 1.5 Cine

3:20 PM By Franz

So I just got these two beauties:
Rokinon 35mm Cine 1.5

Rokinon 85mm Cine 1.5

I first used them for "Foxglove," a new collaboration with Alexa, director of Pani's Box. I'll upload some stills or a trailer as soon as they are available.

These lenses pretty much have everything I want in a lens. Starting with beautiful bokeh, sharpness throughout aperture range and a wide aperture. I am looking to buy either the 24mm or the new 14mm too. Probably the 14 to give me something further from 35. My latest photoshoot "Autumn Falls" was shot mostly on the 85mm though some were shot on my handy Nikon 50 1.8 on which I've shot all my other fashion photoshoots.

Foxglove was shot in 4-5.6 for most of it though there were times in which I dipped as low as 2.8 near the end of our shooting day. These types of lenses are known for chromatic aberration at the wider apertures. It all goes down to aperture, the types of elements and the way the lens elements are arranged (See LensRentals' Genealogy of lenses) But they are also known for providing all the good things I mentioned earlier plus images that are not too sharp and with nuanced good contrast.

I just did a photo shoot that I planned to be in black and white. Taking the chroma out of chromatic aberration let me shoot wide open without worrying about image quality. I will upload these as soon as I have them done. There's plenty of reviews out there but not much footage and pictures of much quality. So check out "Autumn Falls" in the photography tab to get an idea of the images captured with this wonderful lens.

85mm 2.8
Schneider Chocolate #2