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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My D3200 Kit

12:35 PM By Franz , , , ,

Having owned the D3200 for almost a year, I can say I couldn't be happier with it. It has allowed me to do many great things and I have only now just added the last piece to the camera to say I've completed my kit:

D3200 body

Rokinon 35mm 1.5 Cine
Nikon 50mm 1.8G
Rokinon 85mm 1.5 Cine

Phottix Battery Grip

Rode VideoMic Pro
Fiio E07K(Not in picture above.)

Nikon Dk-21m(The final piece I added, sitting on back of camera.)

The D3200 has a built in microphone of ok quality but like all built on mics, the sound has a lot of ambiance. The signal boost in camera creates a lot of noise and so, the only way to record quality audio with this camera is to preamplify the sound. To do this, manually set the audio levels to "1" in the camera and use the +20dB of the Rode the +12 dB of the Fiio at full volume. I still usually have to raise the audio in the computer but it's a very clean end result. This setup also allow me to to hear the audio I'm recording. Fiio does make other mini amps with more power but they also have a shorter battery life.

The Dk-21m is a great accessory to have, specially trying to use fully manual lenses. It provides just enough magnification to greatly aid judging focus and the overall frame.

If Rokinon made a cine prime in the 12mm-20mm range in T1.5-T2.8 for full frame cameras I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Same goes for anything in 100-150mm as I'd love to expand my range of lenses.