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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My color pyramid.

Just something I conceptualized to help my understanding of color and maybe it can help you:

Friday, May 10, 2013

List of cinematography/film related resources

Information to make you better as a cinematographer:
No need to introduce this one. The very best information from the most reliable, up to date authority in cinematography.
Great stills from movies. Evan E Richards keeps a low profile but regularly uploads stills from great films in good resolution. Great for studying movies without any kind of bias.
Another great professional resource of indepth info on every subject in cinematography
Evan Luzi's blog is full of great anecdotes from real experiences and information about film making.
Great way to break down the color palate of films.
A great podcast hosted by some friends whose opinions on film I respect, give it a listen.

Gear Reviews:
Some fairly thorough reviews of multiple consumer-pro cameras. Plus it's entertaining.
Some actual in depth information and reviews. Great resource for researching cameras and gear.

Technological specs info:
Everything you need to know about lenses.
My friend's blog where he discusses great solutions for DIT and post processing tools.