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I am always looking for new projects, people and experiences. If you would like to add me onto your production, contact me with your project proposal. I can be versatile and adjust but I believe that taking time to collaborate with directors and production designers results in better productions and ultimately better films. I am also fluent in Spanish and I am open to travel for the right production.


Base Day Rate$400
Nikon D500 Kit(Batteries/etc)$60
Rokinon Cine Prime Lens 35mm 1.5$30
Rokinon Cine Prime Lens 85mm 1.5$30
Sunpak M3 Pro Tripod & Fluid Head$20
Ronford Baker Short Tripod$30
Ronford Baker F-15 Fluid Head$50
CobraCrane Backpacker Jib$60
Turtle Base C-stand (2)$40
Lowel 1K (2) w/ Stand$20
Lowel Tota Light w/Stand$20
Lowel Pro Light w/Stand (Can be powered in car)$20

Contact Info

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