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Cinematography Reel 2016:


The W - 2016 - Music Video

A music video using visuals on all extremes of lighting, composition and color.

Love Interest - 2015 - Short Film

A romantic drama using the fantasy of dreams and the reality of jealousy and confused emotions in just a slice of a relationship. My emphasis was using aspect ratio, shadow and color contrast to tell the story.
You can see the film here.

Bird - 2015

Production for this movie started in 2014 and we are completing our post now. Its my first collaboration with Dave Mack and I am very happy with what we've got so far. The film looks into romance and friendship in a violent, crime ridden lifestyle. While my main focus has been color, on this film we used the contrast of light and shadow for realistic and expressive effects to help set the mood.

Foxglove - 2014 - Short Film

Foxglove is my second collaboration with Alexa Shackelford. We wanted to merge fantasy, reality and to achieve that we tried to use some new techniques with the camera.
You can see the film here.

Pani's Box - 2012 - Short Film

Pani's Box was visually inspired by Pan's Labyrinth" and for it, I was testing out coloring the shadows, Some of it is on set and some in post but we try to attach symbolism to the colors and use green to symbolize a certain mysticism and magic. 

美麗 (Beautiful) - 2012 - Short Film

Beautiful was my first narrative short film. The look was inspired by "In the Mood for Love" and we were trying to keep deep shadows and practicals for highlights in every scene. This concept is based on Matisse's concept of putting solid black and white in his paintings. His observation is that having this contrast makes the hues stand out.