A glimpse at the invisible forces beyond reality.


"This webseries was a great joy to shoot, everyone cared deeply about finding the best ways to express our vision. This was utterly necessary with such abstract concepts as existance, mind states and the human experience." 


Four Female Millennials help each other cope with the insecurities of starting careers and love in the section of LA called Beverly Grove.


"The look of this episodic pilot is inspired by the cinematography in  'Sex and the City' and the more modern styling of 'Girls' this is reflected in the "high-key" lighting. This inspiration and director Karyna Shackelford's vision also motivated us to maintain compositions with open space which allowed actors freedom to interact."


While running for her life, a witness with fragmented memories of a brutal murder crosses paths with a reluctant criminal in the midst of a heist gone wrong.


"The film looks into romance and friendship in a violent, crime-ridden lifestyle. On this film we used dramatic differences in color/contrast between scenes for realistic and expressive effect."


An actor must separate from his scripted emotions before they overshadow his relationship.


"A romantic drama using the fantasy of dreams and the reality of jealousy and confused emotions in just a slice of a relationship. My emphasis was using aspect ratio, shadow and color contrast to tell the story. "


Does the world stop being magic when the person who made it that way is gone?


"Foxglove is my second collaboration with Alexa Shackelford and we wanted to merge fantasy with reality. I had the idea to blend these worlds by doing our flashbacks "live." To do this we would position the actors in the flashback location and I would remove the lens to flare the sensor while panning. The defocus and flaring helped to create this unique look to the transitions."


A 10 year old girl escapes the reality of her situation by creating a world where all of her hopes and dreams come true.


"Pani's Box was visually inspired by Pan's Labyrinth" and for it, I worked on coloring the shadows. Some of this work is practical and some in post but we use green to symbolize a certain mysticism and magic. "

美麗 (Beautiful)

A portrayal of a woman's life as an immigrant to a new country and culture.


"'Beautiful' was my first narrative short film. The look was inspired by "In the Mood for Love" and thus we were trying to keep deep shadows and practicals highlights in every scene. this heavy contrast helps hues to stand out."